Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Package Arrives

I made arrangemnts to have the packages delivered to work. Well they arrived! January 23rd! They came quickly! Too quickly! I was scared! What have we gotten into? I forgot to take them home! That was Friday! Lucky for me I had to work Saturday so I could pick them up then! Well Saturday came. I worked and then left for the evening! Had dinner plans in Walla Walla. I forgot it again! I'll get it Monday. Well you can guess, I forgot to take it home Monday too! So Tuesday, Lori asked me if I needed help taking them to my car! What a hint!

I came home and carried them in the house. Joe was home and actually excited to open his box and see what there was. He immediately cleared a pantry cupboard shelf and set up his larder! I asked him when he wanted to start and he said, "In the morning!" I could not believe he was eagar! Me, I was leary, real LEARY! We would start January 28th! Wednesday! Tomorrow!

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