Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Life Begins

Wednesday morning, Jan 28th, our lives will change! We both weighed in. Joe: 355 or 358 depending on when he stepped on scales. Laura: 184. Joe has decided he will be happy when he reaches 235. I want to weigh 135. We have a long slow road ahead of us. Who are we fooling? Us lose weight? Us stick to a diet (oops healthy eating plan)? We both had breakfast of blueberry oatmeal! Not bad! We had to pick what we were taking to eat to work! We both took a bar, a package of soup and a shake. Also several bottles of water! We were off for the day! Joe's first hurdle was the convenience store down the street. He stops there daily for junk food and mocha. He stopped today too but just got a black coffee! I did not stop at Some Bagels for a mocha either! We got home that evening and had a great salad and tilapia! Bedtime we had our 5th meal for the day! It is hard for me to get use to drinking this much water!

The new life begins!

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